What Is Kinesiology Tape?

How It Can Help You

Kinesiology tape is a flexible tape that can be applied onto the skin throughout the entire body.

It is designed to move with the body during your daily activities, and based on how it is applied, can serve a wide variety of purposes.

Due to the stretch of the fabric, kinesiology tape is commonly used for its offloading properties; the tape can assist in a lifting manner to help in multidirectional movement around the adhesions and help to reduce trigger points if any adhesions arise between the multiple layers of skin, fascia, and muscle tissue. The tape is also known to change sensory signals sent to the brain surrounding the area where the tape is applied. If this area is a source of pain, this disruption and change in nerve pathways can help reduce pain.

There is also an application that can promote a decrease in swelling and assist in edema management by creating extra subcutaneous space. This will allow for an increase in vascular blood flow and help to assist the lymphatic drainage system.

Utilizing a higher level of stretch while applying the tape, it can be used for postural correction and to help position certain joints to better promote proper movement patterns during exercise and functional activities. When the tape is placed at a joint, a large amount of proprioceptive feedback is sent to the brain, increasing the input coming from any movements occurring at the body region and bringing more attention or focus to that area. This promotes better movement patterns or increases muscle function for muscles that have become atrophied or dormant. •


Thrive “Far Infrared” Kinesiology Tape is a new and innovative kinesiology tape that includes the benefits of far infrared.  The tape is made of thin, elasticized 97% cotton and 3% spandex with an acrylic adhesive. It is unique in that it includes a blend of minerals and ceramic powder, which are silkscreened onto the tape and reflect far infrared. Far infrared is a form of light that cannot be seen, but is experienced by the body as radiant heat and penetrates up to one and a half inches beneath the skin.

Unlike other kinesiology tapes where proper taping technique is crucial,  with Thrive Tape, one only needs to apply the tape to the area of discomfort to receive the benefits. It is latex free and hypo-allergenic, as well as sweat-resistant and waterproof. It is designed to be worn through any activity for days at a time, reapplying when necessary.

To learn more about Thrive Tape, and how to apply the tape to various muscles and joints, please visit: thrivetape-uspain.com.