2010 Edition

Ellen Smith

 Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a progressive degenerative connective tissue disorder characterized by joint hypermobility, skin extensibility, and tissue fragility, Ellen knew from childhood that she was unusually flexible and…

Wendy Foster

Wendy Foster has been dealing with pain for eighteen years, and for eighteen years her doctors have been unable to diagnosis her.

  • Stephen Brilliant
  • Stephen Brilliant

Stephen Brilliant

For thirteen years, Stephen Brilliant has been living with a neurological and chronic pain disorder called reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, or (RSDS). His journey with pain began after a car…

  • Marsha Tyszler
  • Marsha Tyszler

Marsha Tyszler

Marsha Tyszler’s journey with chronic pain began in 2003, when she fell while trying to jump a fence in a relay race. Although she immediately felt severe burning and coldness…

Kelly Rouba

Diagnosed at the age of two, Kelly Rouba has lived for twenty-eight years with juvenile arthritis (JA), an autoimmune disease that causes swelling, stiffness and joint inflammation. In all autoimmune…

  • Karin Boyce
  • Karin Boyce

Karin Boyce

Karin Boyce has dealt with many health issues in her forty-four years. At thirteen, she developed sciatica pain following an afternoon of horseback riding, and was unable to stand upright…

Edania Maldonado

At eighteen, Edania Maldonado is young, compassionate and full of life. A freshman at LaSalle University, she dreams of becoming a pediatric physical therapist. Edania may appear to be a…

Denise Coleman

Denise Coleman’s back pain began when she was just twelve. At first, it was mainly just a nuisance. By the time she was in college, however, the pain interfered with…

  • Heriberto Vidro
  • Heriberto Vidro
  • Heriberto Vidro

Heriberto Vidro

Heriberto Vidro is a father, husband and United States hero. Enlisting in the Army Reserves in 1980, Vidro, as his friends and family call him, served our country for twenty-four…

Bianca Henriquez

In 2008, Bianca Henriquez began noticing she was unable to keep up with her busy lifestyle. At nineteen, she was accustomed to going full throttle—exercising, attending school and socializing at…