My Health Freedom: A Cannabis Awareness Campaign

What is My Health Freedom?
My Health Freedom is an awareness campaign focused on education and changing the stigma and perception surrounding cannabis. It was launched in April 2016 by California Cannabis Advocates, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating mainstream communities. The campaign has a goal of capturing one million images of patients and allies in both English and Spanish. The campaign promotes the responsible use of cannabis in all its forms.

Why is My Health Freedom so important to pain patients?
My Health Freedom utilizes cannabis education and individual stories as a catalyst for creating understanding. Most individuals are beginning to understand cannabis has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving potential, making it ideal for the pain community.

Research has shown amazing anecdotal efficacy for pain and cannabis—it could be the solution to the opioid crisis.

Why your voice is needed:

  • Pain patients have a rare opportunity to utilize the My Health Freedom campaign to push the dialogue further.
  • It allows everyone to give a face to a condition, which humanizes.
  • As more and more individuals are diagnosed with pain-related conditions and lives are lost to the opioid epidemic, cannabis should be considered.

How can you get involved:
Getting involved couldn’t be easier. Just head to and choose which sign out of the four best suits your story. Download and print your sign, take a picture of yourself with the sign, and share it on social media with the hashtag #myhealthfreedom.

About California Cannabis Advocates:
California Cannabis Advocates is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the stigma and perception of cannabis through education. CCA seeks to bridge the gap between the mainstream and the cannabis industry, and in the process help empower the next generation of socially responsible cannabis entrepreneurs. Along with our allies, we have developed the ongoing My Health Freedom campaign.