At an INvisible Project event, attendees view firsthand the photographs of our courageous participants. The displays are arranged throughout the room so viewers can move about learning more about different pain conditions while also being moved by the profound photographs.

During our patient-education INvisible Project events, patients hear engaging speakers, connect with others enduring similar experiences and meet organizations dedicated to helping them obtain proper care and receive help. Seeing the INvisible Project can be life changing and life affirming for a person with pain.

Here are some comments we have received about this project:

Now I don’t feel alone.

I exchanged email addresses and phone numbers with people I just met who understand me.

I discovered how to better manage my pain, and I have tools that will help me take an active role in the treatment process. I cannot believe I learned about new therapies that I never knew existed.

I feel heard and recognized.

I have hope that society will finally understand, and I can gain relief.

Pain may be a part of me, but I am not going to let it control me; I can fight back.

The INvisible Project hopes to see you soon at a future event.